Our Team

Steve Dohner is the proud owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Columbus Ohio. He started his career in 1978 and opened his first plumbing business in 1983. Steve Dohner holds many professional licenses including: State of Ohio Master Plumber, State Of Ohio Certified Backflow Test of Columbus Master Plumber, State of Ohio Private Water Systems Contractor. Steve has been one of the few driving forces of greener plumbing for his expertise in implementing environmentally green plumbing products and systems. The tankless water heaters, salt free water treatment systems, specialty water treatment systems for iron and sulfur, and well water systems.

Bryan Strasser is a plumbing technician for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. He has been with the Columbus company since 2007, but he has been in the plumbing trade for the past twenty years. Bryan specializes in tankless water heater installation, pipe relining, and water treatment systems.

Doug Worley is a plumbing technician for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. He specializes in service plumbing and new construction. Doug has been a professional plumber for eight years and is a Columbus native.

Nicholas Iapaluccio is a plumbing service technician for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. His specialties are in the realm of plumbing fixtures and piping installation. Nicholas comes from a family of plumbers in Connecticut.

Trinity Watters is an HVAC and plumbing expert. His experience in both trades expands to over 16 years of experience. He is also a native of Columbus, Ohio.

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